1. Does the RSX ABS Kit come with a wiring loom?

No, customers are responsible for creating their own wiring loom. We can create to customer’s measurements and design so contact us with any requests.

2. Does the RSX ABS Kit come with wheel speed sensors?

No. However, depending on the vehicle, you may be able to use existing wheel speed sensors. We can supply the correct sensors in the shop but some work maybe involved to install these onto the vehicle.

3. Is this system related to or linked with Teves and/or the MK60 system?

Yes, Teves are part of the Continental Engineering Group. The RSX ABS Kit uses the latest generation MK100 system which is more modern generation than the MK60.

4. Racing Torque Vectoring & Racing AYC. Why can I not use these out of the box?

These are used on a custom basis and require an engineering package from Continental directly. This will also require engineers on site so aimed towards race teams.

5. I have installed the Peak driver software but there is no communication?

Please try to restart the PC. This has worked 100% of the time in our experience. If not, please contact us.

6. Are the wheel speeds polarity sensitive?

Yes, they are. Correct wiring for direction is important for full operation.

7. I can’t connect with the ECU when using the software?

Please check the CAN speed is set to 500kb.

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