What is a RSX ABS kit? introduction

A new approach to motorsport ABS made by Continental Engineering. Created with software and customisation that provides the best braking performance in-class, outperforming our competitors on bumpy courses such as the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Based on the existing Continental, high-performance MK100® system, this has been designed for all types of racing vehicles. The RSX ABS system is engineered to perform in motorsports, closed test and racing tracks only.

Short lead time
from order

Suitable for all drivetrains
(Front, Rear & All Wheel Drive)

Uses existing, modern wheel
speed architecture

Diagnosis & setup interface
cable included

Adjustable in-car settings
(6x Amateur, 6x Pro)

Technical Highlights of RSX ABS Kit


Selectable CAN baud rate
(1M or 500k)

Pre-filled with fluid & conventional
brake bleeding is sufficient

Support for steering angle &
electronic power steering inputs

Meets FIA

Suitable for Automatic, DSG
or Manual gearbox types

Features the key

Durability and Reliability

It's designed to withstand the rigors of racing, enduring high-stress situations while maintaining its functionality and reliability throughout extended periods on the track.

Customizable Settings

Depending on the specific racing requirements, driver and car setup, the system has adjustable parameters that allow fine-tune the ABS for different tracks or driving styles.

Quick Response

The ABS system has rapid response times, enabling it to react to sudden changes in road conditions or driver inputs, ensuring optimal braking efficiency.

The Smartest Design

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